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Tracking Results of Advertising Campaigns

Thousands of dollars are spent on pay per click advertising and page optimization campaigns to achieve high search engine rankings.  Tracking high potential Website visitors is critical to insuring that the proper key words were chosen, that the ads are generating “sales”, and that advertising dollars are properly allocated. WebInnovations provides solutions that measure the effectiveness of advertising by tracking phone calls originating from each Web page ad. A phone call is the most effective means to determine that a site visitor saw your ad and took action.

Clicks can be used to document visitors but clicks are subject to many inaccuracies including those clicking a link by mistake. Many times visitors remain on the site for a very short time and clicks tend to overstate the number of visitors. Phone calls generated by ads are by far the most reliable measure of effectiveness. Phone calls are also the best means to communicate with a potential customer.

With WebInnovations system, each ad, or optimized page, shows a different tracking phone number that forwards seamlessly to your office.  The office phone number does not change. For example, there may be a Google pay per click ad targeted to “women’s scarves”.  When the Web page associated with this ad appears the phone number assigned to “the women’s scarves” campaign is shown on the Web page.  When the visitor calls this number we know which ad generated the call. We track the number of calls per ad, the duration of the calls, and can even record the calls if the client desires.

Our reports reveal which ads are generating the most phone calls and are thus the most valuable. This is an excellent guide for determining where advertising dollars should be spent.

We would be pleased to discuss this program with you further so that you can insure your advertising spending is generating the desired results.

Click to Call

WebInnovations also offers a “Click to Call” feature that allows a Website visitor to phone your office free of charge. When a visitor clicks the “Click to Call” icon a dialogue box opens requesting their phone number and time to speak with the office staff.  The site visitor is connected with the office at the requested time. Studies show that this “one on one” interaction is the most effective means to convert a site visitor to a client.

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