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Choose a Google Certified Professional to Manage Your AdWords Account

Customers can be sure they are getting the full value of AdWords advertising as we can achieve premium rankings at the lowest possible cost. Our team includes an individual Certified by Google AdWords Search. This certification requires extensive study and passing assessment proficiency exams.

Google AdWords is the best solution if you want your product or service to appear at the top of the search results quickly. Optimization is another method to improve rankings but typically takes more time and is less predictable.  Research has demonstrated that very few search engine users look past the first page and most focus on the content “above the fold” on the first page of results. Depending upon the business, AdWords advertising can be much less expensive than other forms of advertising and will produce better results that can be quantitatively measured.

Contrary to what some believe, the highest bid does not always win the ad auction and appear at the top of the Google AdWords results. Quite often, ads with lower bids will occupy this prized position.  Google tries to level the playing field for all participants in the AdWords program. First, the keywords most relevant to your advertising goals must be chosen.  It is not always best to have hundreds of keywords and in fact 15-20 tightly related keywords can improve ranking performance if you are getting impressions for other keywords but no clicks.

Ranking factors that Google looks at include the quality score (the most important factor) which is based on the keywords historical click through rate, the quality of the landing page, the relevance of the ad to the search terms, the search term entered, and other factors. In general, the higher the quality score the lower the bid that is needed for a premium placement.

When working with accounts we sometimes have to revise the landing (linked from the ad) page and the ads to make them more relevant to the keywords and search terms. We develop keywords based upon the product or service and determine their search volume. Next the landing page and ad are examined for keyword relevancy.

Web site actions such as a purchase, newsletter signup, contact form submission, and others can all be tracked using conversion tracking. Clients know exactly which keywords and ads triggered the conversion. Conversion tracking allows calculation of the return on investment for Google AdWords. This is generally calculated as (revenue from on-line sales-cost of advertising)/cost of advertising x 100.

Another part of the Google AdWords network is the display network.  Images and video ads are shown in the display network.  The network consists of thousands of Web sites where ads can be shown.  A business selling shoes might choose to have their ad show on sites such as shoes.com, buy.com, overstock.com, etc.  These ads are priced per thousand impressions and are best used for product branding. Customers can choose or exclude specific display Web sites.

There is a suite of tools within Google AdWords that helps produce the best return on search investment.  It takes a certified professional to manage these tools and insure the best results. Failing to follow good AdWords practices can lead to much higher ad costs and lower rankings. We are trained to provide these services to our clients and have chosen to make our services economical.  Please call today for further information and take advantage of our free Web site evaluation.

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