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Writing Ads that Sell on the Google AdWords Networks

AdWords ads must grab the attention of the visitor, include a link descriptive of the landing page, and lead to a visitor click. There are several restrictions concerning what can be stated in an AdWords ad and its syntax. The maximum number of characters in the title is 25 and 75 characters (35 per line) are allowed for the description. Other limitations to AdWords ads include the excessive use of capitalization or exclamation points. Also, if an ad states that the product or service is rated number one; this must be supported by third party endorsement on the landing page. Other requirements can be reviewed at the Google AdWords support Web site. See the page on increasing AdWords effectiveness.

These limitations often make it difficult to list a products facts, advantages, and benefits. Ads must be designed to “grab” the attention of the visitor leading to a click.  There are four basic tenets that should be followed.  First the ad must attract attention, second it must generate interest, third it must create a desire, and fourth it must lead to action.

Sometimes it is a good idea to compose a paragraph that describes the goods or services you are selling. This process helps identify the most important keywords and message you wish to convey. The Google ad can be developed from this information.

There are several factors that contribute to an excellent AdWords ad.  First, the ad must contain the search keyword being targeted in the title text. Where possible the keyword should also be included in the description.  The landing page must be optimized and match the keyword and reinforce the ad. It is a good idea to search on your keywords and study your competitors adds. You can note the characteristics of the top ranking ads and gain new ideas.  Never copy a competitor’s ad.

Writing a good ad is only the first step. We recommend that at least three different ads be created for testing.  Subtle differences in ads can lead to major changes in the click through rate.  The ads are monitored to determine the most effective and oftentimes additional new ads need to be created. The “most effective” ad is not simply the one with the highest click through rate.  The ad must “sell” which means visitors that click the ad perform the desired action of a purchase, information request, newsletter signup, etc.  These actions are monitored using embedded code on the confirmation page with Google Analytics.

WebInnovations.org has the capability to tract the number of phone calls generated by each search term. We provide extensive information on the origin of the phone calls and search terms. This is the best way to measure actual customer response.

WebInnovations.org can develop AdWords ads that will sell your goods or services and control you bidding strategy to insure the highest rankings at the lowest cost..We offer "one on one" personal support to all of our customers. Call today for more information and a free Web site evaluation.

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